Information About Our Company

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Gerald W. Gettel, Registered Pharmacist President, Saw Palmetto Harvesting Company

The Saw Palmetto Harvesting Company's operations are under the direct supervision of its founder, Gerald Gettel. Office manager is Teresa Kappadahl.

Gerald Gettel, a Registered Pharmacist with a degree from North Dakota State University, does much of the Pharmaceutical research associated with the Saw Palmetto Berries. His background of being raised on a dairy farm brings much of the common sense approach to harvesting, drying and processing of the berries

Mr. Gettel studies everything from growing the berries to its pharmacological mechanism of action on the Prostate gland. This is what makes The Saw Palmetto Harvesting Company the most knowledgeable company doing business in the Saw Palmetto business.

Our customers, primarily the manufacturers of Pharmaceutical products, need the highest quality raw materials from a reliable source that can supply year after year at a relatively constant price.

Research at the Saw Palmetto Harvesting Company has shown the ripeness of the berry determines the fatty acid content, riper berries give a greater yield of lipophilic contents. As a result, our company is careful to select and collect the berries at the optimum moment of ripeness

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